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Posers and Puzzles

Posers and Puzzles

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mate in two moves201 Apr '16 18:55sky1983Trev33
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Economic Impossibility405 Mar '16 00:00wolfgang59JS357
Avacado Poser1702 Mar '16 22:26JS357JS357
Circular journey with constant acceleration:2325 Feb '16 13:54sonhousejoe shmo
Family Size Poser1023 Feb '16 21:17JS357twhitehead
Pill Poser406 Feb '16 19:24JS357st dominics preview
Eponyms1931 Jan '16 10:03wolfgang59wolfgang59
Finding the Limit of a Function1221 Jan '16 00:17joe shmojoe shmo
Pharmaceutical Problem1308 Jan '16 21:23wolfgang59wolfgang59
9 weights problem1831 Dec '15 04:27ZuggyJerryH
Tricky Math: Number of the BEAST1727 Dec '15 20:24wolfgang59AThousandYoung
Airplane on conveyor belt runway question.2727 Nov '15 01:29mwmillerlemon lime
Missing Number2014 Nov '15 23:41mwmillerIsles624
eternity2514 Nov '15 10:40lemondropwolfgang59
Cryptic user names1112 Nov '15 21:24wolfgang59sonhouse
Neighbours 2426 Aug '15 23:57wolfgang59wolfgang59
error411 Aug '15 13:59ray georgeMontyMoose
special number1606 Aug '15 07:56lemondropFabianFnas
Nine1305 Aug '15 20:51wolfgang59wolfgang59
1 dollar = 1 cent605 Aug '15 02:23wolfgang59wolfgang59
Ancestor by Scott Sigler431 Jul '15 14:10greenpawn34greenpawn34
Liar1521 Jul '15 18:02Duncan ClarkeDuncan Clarke
Neighbours820 Jul '15 11:34wolfgang59Rank outsider
Symbol on an old slide rule.321 Jun '15 09:07jb70jb70
Help converting algebraic to RPN?303 Jun '15 16:04sonhousesonhouse
Manny Mo and Jack give away money:1431 May '15 03:01sonhousephileasfogg
How high can you jump on Ceres?1020 May '15 18:39sonhousesonhouse
Fun with Pies713 May '15 23:11uzlessBigDoggProblem