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Oldest wood carving found. 11,000 years old!:113 Jan '16 18:45sonhousesonhouse
Gads@ Nitrogen Ice glaciers on Pluto:113 Jan '16 18:37sonhousesonhouse
Young Earther cosmology:4213 Jan '16 13:59sonhousemenace71
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zero to 60 mph in 10 MILLIseconds:107 Jan '16 15:21sonhousesonhouse
Word of the day: Zwitterions:107 Jan '16 15:18sonhousesonhouse
Gravity13007 Jan '16 07:38whodeyhumy
Bio-digester supplies energy to 3000 farms106 Jan '16 08:53humyhumy
Radio-Controlled copters and drones1003 Jan '16 17:01mwmillerDeepThought
Psychologically advantageous dopamine responses...303 Jan '16 11:59DeepThoughtShallow Blue
Freak heatwave pushes temperatures at North Pol...502 Jan '16 16:42humyDeepThought
Drones on Mars possible? Yes!:701 Jan '16 01:59sonhousesonhouse
Computer guru's, a question about wifi:3631 Dec '15 16:50sonhouserobbie carrobie
Gas Molecules1131 Dec '15 13:36billyraysonhouse
Magnesium plus SiC: new super metal.430 Dec '15 18:24sonhousesonhouse
Spiders silk726 Dec '15 15:35robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
New gold rush: Asteroids.523 Dec '15 17:11sonhousesonhouse
Lindsey Graham is out of the race3123 Dec '15 13:28whodeysonhouse
Vsauce - Youtube323 Dec '15 13:02Great King Ratsonhouse
Big Bang not an explosion922 Dec '15 19:51divegeestersonhouse
Who Wants to Live Forever Anyway?3222 Dec '15 12:07avalanchethecatdivegeester
a nice calculator, the HP Prime:720 Dec '15 15:14sonhousesonhouse
Star 14 ly away, Earthish planet, habitable zon...1720 Dec '15 03:41sonhousesonhouse
"Kyles Converter' site, converts anything, almo...719 Dec '15 13:22sonhousesonhouse
'arc seconds to radians'118 Dec '15 13:10sonhousesonhouse
Question about Ruthenium isotopes2118 Dec '15 12:54sonhousesonhouse
Room temp spintronics: Bismuth Iodide!:114 Dec '15 18:11sonhousesonhouse
Found great astronomy site: Heavens above314 Dec '15 10:58sonhousesonhouse
Sea level related to motions of Earth's core:413 Dec '15 20:49sonhousesonhouse
America proposal to go all-renewable4812 Dec '15 10:23humytwhitehead