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California heat906 Sep '19 04:29mlb62lemon lime
New work on carbon compounds made in space:103 Sep '19 22:42sonhousesonhouse
Veins in a brat:101 Sep '19 00:50sonhousesonhouse
3rd gen water harvester in the desert:328 Aug '19 18:15sonhousesonhouse
New take on evolution: effects of parasites:828 Aug '19 15:42sonhousewildgrass
Detecting the norovirus in water with your smar...228 Aug '19 15:37pawnpawwildgrass
Superposition of time:625 Aug '19 03:48sonhousesonhouse
Mediterranean Descent Folk in N. India221 Aug '19 00:56PhilokaliaAThousandYoung
Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of E...4320 Aug '19 16:44KellyJayKellyJay
Lysenkoism2918 Aug '19 04:40Philokaliasonhouse
Quantum annealing for quantum computers416 Aug '19 23:04humymlb62
Digital camera's at risk of ransomware:113 Aug '19 16:19sonhousesonhouse
Proof of a potassium channel theory813 Aug '19 07:16humysonhouse
New work showing pre biotic membranes:313 Aug '19 06:27sonhousesonhouse
A non-profit survey212 Aug '19 22:12Sweatledsonhouse
Research Confirms Link Between Intelligence & L...611 Aug '19 14:38Philokaliawildgrass
Let's nuke climate change!65811 Aug '19 14:32wildgrasswildgrass
2000 year old optical problem solved.109 Aug '19 16:42sonhousesonhouse
Two very Earth-like exoplanets just 12.5 light-...208 Aug '19 17:27humysonhouse
Question about optical telescopes203 Aug '19 15:10humysonhouse
Does Science Always Self-Correct?12001 Aug '19 17:15PhilokaliaKellyJay
Superwalkers328 Jul '19 02:41humysonhouse
About AI hype and hysteria124 Jul '19 19:19humyhumy
Form and function423 Jul '19 17:40entropysaillemon lime
The moon :)2017 Jul '19 16:49KellyJaysonhouse
"Academic conferences lack tools to prevent sex...816 Jul '19 20:37Duchess64Duchess64
Israeli Spacecraft's Landing on the Moon3914 Jul '19 21:20Duchess64Duchess64
New work on EMIC waves in Earth's magnetosphere...113 Jul '19 17:48sonhousesonhouse
Precise control of terahertz and infrared:310 Jul '19 16:48sonhousesonhouse
Doctors prescribing brand name drugs:309 Jul '19 16:22sonhousesonhouse

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