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Rice university, electric fields makes nanorods...117 Apr '16 20:34sonhousesonhouse
Question about 'one atom magnet':515 Apr '16 16:18sonhousesonhouse
Interesting take on Cosmology: Sean Carroll:3513 Apr '16 18:50sonhousesonhouse
SpaceX lands on drone ship1813 Apr '16 18:48twhiteheadsonhouse
new painkiller in pipeline213 Apr '16 18:47humysonhouse
Great picture212 Apr '16 12:13FishHead111sonhouse
Stopping MS in its tracks!:111 Apr '16 17:24sonhousesonhouse
Many black holes lined up in a row!:111 Apr '16 17:21sonhousesonhouse
top-down causation12708 Apr '16 09:19apathisthumy
New: theory of conspiracy theories:15507 Apr '16 19:26sonhouseFlower04
Teleporting?1007 Apr '16 04:50whodeylemon lime
Sperm Whales dying from plastic306 Apr '16 06:50AThousandYoungtwhitehead
Extinction theory and planet X531 Mar '16 10:56whodeytwhitehead
Tesla Model 3131 Mar '16 07:19twhiteheadtwhitehead
Is the universe moving?2731 Mar '16 05:39sonhousemoonbus
New technology, transformers 1/10th the size:2730 Mar '16 21:47sonhousesonhouse
Hubble spies galaxy 32 billion ly away:130 Mar '16 16:14sonhousesonhouse
cloudless rain1030 Mar '16 15:44humyapathist
Neuroscience breakthrough: Anti-memories:130 Mar '16 15:13sonhousesonhouse
gullibility2829 Mar '16 10:15moonbusDeepThought
Take a look at this colliding galaxy cluster!:828 Mar '16 21:09sonhousesonhouse
Genocidal AI327 Mar '16 20:50DeepThoughtgooglefudge
c slower than c in free space:1326 Mar '16 17:20sonhouseDeepThought
Quantum computers getting closer now:226 Mar '16 11:37sonhousetwhitehead
Transfer Functions1325 Mar '16 15:29joe shmoKazetNagorra
AI plays go4224 Mar '16 23:14moonbusmoonbus
cool vid: making nitrogen ice:122 Mar '16 17:47sonhousesonhouse
maths question about an integral2014 Mar '16 20:09humyhumy
Shallow water drag1112 Mar '16 20:59wolfgang59joe shmo
Stellar light511 Mar '16 15:40vivifytwhitehead