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Don't play Chess with this Guy + vrajonn games.


This appeared in a UK national newspaper ‘The Sun’.

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Submarines, Popes, Blogs and a New Opening.

I’ve always liked submarines.
Each weekend during the war Dad used to come home
with a bit of a his submarine and hide it in the garden shed.

He plan was to nick a piece every week and eventually
end up with his own submarine. ...

Old Mag, Chess is not Fun, Bent Larsen.

No1 posted an OTB game with the Budapest gambit
and somehow it stirred a fading memory cell.

I'm a little squirrel me. I never throw anything away.
I have boxes and boxes full of chess junk.

I recalled a chess magazine that said Marshall ha...

How to Post a Game + Justice in Chess


Often see lad’s trying to post a game in the forum
and giving up. it’s easy.

Suppose you want to post a game played on RHP.

Get the chosen game and select ‘get pgn of this game....

Chess Musical + Pottery + Noah's Ark

It helps if you are carrying a small battered briefcase but it is
not a necessity.

I’m of course talking about scoring free tickets for the Edinburgh Fringe.

You approach the Festival Fringe desk which is usually manned
(or womanned) by some clot with a dopey smile and painted face. ...

Festival+Competiton + Typical RHP Game

The Edinburgh Festival is on at the moment.

A whole Capital City just goes daft for 3 weeks, it’s amazing.

Any comedian who wants to make a name for himself heads
for the Festival and this has been the launching pad of 100’s
of well known faces. ...

Chess for Fun and The Beano

Title here


A while back the Scottish artist Mary Trodden took my picture
whilst I browsed in her 2nd hand book shop.

Not an uncommon experience, women are always asking t...

Morphy v 2300 + STG + RHP Games


Last week I mentioned a recurring thread. The Top 10 Chess Players.
this was closely followed by The Morphy question.

Some lad asked if Morphy was placed in a time machine and brought
forward to today could he hold his own v 2300 players? ...

Mating Patterns - Studying Tactics


Rather long blog this one so one quick gag and let's get going.
RHP news


to Castle or not to Castle?


This week I'll give some stats on castling.
This is the thread that started it off.

best post of the week ...
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