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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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messages at end of a game225 May '17 14:33Bob KramerCeSinge
Shorter time control tourney's. PLEASE!325 May '17 14:32KellerBulldogCeSinge
Trivial to implement: 'Clear Text' button for g...125 May '17 14:27CeSingeCeSinge
No EU flag?425 May '17 14:21oskinburgerCeSinge
clan suggestions11723 May '17 12:02Giannottipadger
Telling people to leave here2317 May '17 18:08KellyJayVery Rusty
Clan Leader vote12109 May '17 16:34shortcircuitVery Rusty
Copying a URL707 May '17 14:31JS357Suzianne
Puzzle Creation406 May '17 11:39Tom WolseySuzianne
Clan members Info724 Apr '17 19:19Ponderablemoonbus
ability to switch sides424 Apr '17 05:47strattnercoquette
Start from a specific point in a previous game320 Apr '17 02:11LandisBigDoggProblem
no vacation flag use in timebank only tournamen...1914 Apr '17 07:37Ponderablepadger
Forum109 Apr '17 10:36KellyJayKellyJay
Clan System Request for Proposals67209 Apr '17 09:22Russroma45
Proposal to improve Net Points scoring5508 Apr '17 08:03mghrn55roma45
Clan Elo Rating Suggestion35207 Apr '17 09:36Russroma45
Fisher Random castling2204 Apr '17 05:13PonderablePonderable
IOS Beta Feeedback Thread5903 Apr '17 08:16RussRuss
Sandbagging and Collusion17402 Apr '17 14:11GiannottiGiannotti
Forum auto-mod is broken2021 Mar '17 23:00divegeesterrobbie carrobie
Alert of updates in threads411 Mar '17 20:17BoardReaderBigDoggProblem
Spammers4208 Mar '17 20:46Kewpiemoonbus
Clan league start dates303 Mar '17 13:06vendavenda
FAQ / claim draw - important omission423 Feb '17 12:05BigDoggProblemPonderable
IOS beta testers request116 Feb '17 15:36RussRuss
Clan forum816 Feb '17 03:59vendaVery Rusty
Sculls or automatic time out?916 Feb '17 01:44vanderveldeVery Rusty
Annotated Games107 Feb '17 23:17NowakowskiNowakowski
Blitz Area130 Jan '17 00:14torqamadatorqamada