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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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Spammers325 Sep '16 19:47KewpieTrev33
Fisher Random castling1624 Sep '16 21:59PonderableSuzianne
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Change the code for winking emoticons810 Sep '16 16:26vivifyLEUR
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Ability to down-vote my posts327 Aug '16 15:31vivifyTrev33
soundcloud326 Aug '16 19:42robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Show the thumbs322 Aug '16 19:54coquettecoquette
Proposals for change to clan system821 Aug '16 11:08robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
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Data table for profile rating trend graph621 Aug '16 09:37gedwinSuzianne
Philosophy912 Aug '16 17:48apathistLEUR
Managing veca's timeouts907 Aug '16 19:50henjutsuVery Rusty
Insult forum2703 Aug '16 13:46padgerVery Rusty
Mobile Site Alerts131 Jul '16 13:33BoardReaderBoardReader
Club tourneys - start from any position1829 Jul '16 22:03BigDoggProblemLEUR
A Pain in the Tocus323 Jul '16 13:43LEURLEUR
PGN Thingy107 Jul '16 18:10byedidiabyedidia
Tournaments enrollment403 Jul '16 00:08danivKewpie
Androd Client V4 Beta2421 Jun '16 10:25RussRuss
Conditional move button119 Jun '16 17:31BigDoggProblemBigDoggProblem
Player history417 Jun '16 11:02Paul LeggettPonderable
Different color text116 Jun '16 15:57vivifyvivify
Checkers811 Jun '16 12:59vivifySuzianne
Clan Forum Thread List button611 Jun '16 12:49SuzianneSuzianne
Icon728 May '16 07:56KellyJayKewpie
Failed attempt to start a game625 May '16 04:33FMFBigDoggProblem
Messaging opponents325 May '16 00:55FMFFMF
Conditional Move - Any Move410 May '16 04:52BoardReaderPonderable