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  1. Subscriber mchill
    21 Jun '18 01:00
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    "Trump Caves"

    So... you find it necessary to insult him (which the NY Times didn't), even when he takes measures to fix what you complain about. Says a lot about you. And your lack of virtue.
    Mothers and daughters are needlessly victimized and traumatized by Donald J Trump and his stupid policy and we're now supposed to feel sorry for Trump?? Yeah, I'm all choked up (NOT!)
  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    21 Jun '18 01:10
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    "Trump Caves"

    So... you find it necessary to insult him (which the NY Times didn't), even when he takes measures to fix what you complain about. Says a lot about you. And your lack of virtue.
    His caving in was the result of heavy political pressure from his own party and does nothing to help the thousands of children already in intern camps.

    Someone brought up the images were from 2014 from the Obama era without explaining ATT there was a huge influx of unaccompanied minors and not enough places to house them and they were dealt with rather quickly, getting them back to parents.

    That is not the case here, those kids will be incarcerated for months maybe years.
    So much for the 20 day time limit for such things.

    Trump did NOTHING.
  3. Standard member Soothfast
    21 Jun '18 01:57
    Originally posted by @deepthought
    I've been thinking about this, one might give recognition that he didn't dig his feet in for any longer, but I'm not sure a round of applause is in order either. I'm left wondering about the timing however. The US has just withdrawn from UNHRC and apparently not because the last three letters are the same as the initials of his Democratic Party rival ...[text shortened]... s is to fend off international criticism aimed at undermining the credibility of the UNHRC move.
    Trump's decisions are informed by only two (2) considerations: self-aggrandizement and the belittlement of others. The only scenario in which I could envision applauding Trump is if he were to bounce at least three times when falling down a flight of stairs.
  4. Standard member Sleepyguy
    Reepy Rastardly Guy
    21 Jun '18 04:26
    Maybe we should just have two forums total; The Duchess64 forum, and the Lying Racist Trolls forum.

    It's simple and covers all viewpoints.

    Who's with me?!
  5. 21 Jun '18 06:27 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    As horrible as the Trump administration is, I would expect the intellectuals here to have better manners.
    You have fukin children in fukin cages, trump and lewandoski make fun of disabled people, trump making his family rich by abusing his position and you want manners? From us?

    Fuk you.
  6. 21 Jun '18 15:31
    Originally posted by @divegeester
    Cyclists are hazard, they are ignorant of road safety, they don’t have insurance, they don’t pass a test to use the road, they undertake, they jump lights and expect motorists to treat them like a vehicle when they hold up the entire line of traffic because they are too selfish to pull over.

    Asholes the lot of you in your stupid spandex shorts.
    You are ignorant of the road safety rules.You said -

    ''....expect motorists to treat them like a vehicle when they hold up the entire line of traffic because they are too selfish to pull over.'

    The Highway Code says --

    RULE 163 ‘….give motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders at least as much room as you  would when overtaking a car.

    Also from the highway code under rules for cyclists

    ‘ride well clear of the kerb - 1 metre away or in the centre of the left lane’


    ‘ride a car-door width away from parked cars’
  7. Subscriber no1marauder
    It's Nice to Be Nice
    22 Jun '18 02:40 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @duchess64
    The lying troll No1Marauder prefers NOT to admit the fact that he often has loudly condemned
    me as extremely stupid AFTER he has (belatedly) noticed that hardly anyone's gullible
    enough for fall for that lie. For many years, the troll No1Marauder has done his dishonest
    utmost to convince everyone else that I am extremely stupid.
    Now No1Marauder kno ...[text shortened]... e else at RHP
    because I may have tried harder to expose No1Marauder as an abusive lying troll.
    You're truly sick and these pathetic type of posts seem like a cry for help.

    I don't hate posters on internet sites; it seems to be part of your psychosis to believe people hate you and are your "enemies" merely for posting things that you don't agree with. This is sad, but it doesn't mean your flagrant and constant violations of the TOS here should be simply ignored.

    You should:

    A) Get professional mental health assistance (showing such a person of a weeks' worth of your posts here would be illuminating): and

    B) Be given a lengthy suspension from these forums until appropriate treatment has made you able to conform your behavior here to the accepted standards on an internet board which is supposed to be semi-friendly discussions between chess players.

    Good luck and I mean that sincerely.
  8. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    22 Jun '18 03:44
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    And you as well sir.

    Personally I hate this stupid job of posting pro-Trump propaganda. It pays okay but it's not very rewarding.
    I’m shocked you have a sense of humor, but that was funny.
  9. 22 Jun '18 13:57 / 4 edits
    Originally posted by @vivify
    The west, especially Great Britain and the U.S., has played quite a role in destabilizing mid-eastern and Asian nations. See India, the Korean peninsula, Israel and Palestine. Their invasions and divisions of those nations continues to have a terrible impact on those nations today. The U.S. continues war-mongering in those regions today; see Iraq, Yemen, ...[text shortened]... y much the entire world.

    So yes; there is justification for "laying the blame" on the West.
    I have to take issue with some of the examples you have used to illustrate your point. The Korean peninsula was colonized and severely damaged by Japan (definitely not a western country) and was liberated after Japan's defeat in WW2. South Korea today is wealthy and prosperous due to help from the West and the adoption of western style democracy. It cannot blame the nations that liberated it from Japan's tyrannical grip as without the West ethnic Koreans might have been exterminated or been replaced by settlers from Japan. North Korea is much worse off and was influenced by the USSR (not a western country).

    The concept of India as a nation did not exist until British colonialism artificially created British Raj. India is a very religiously and linguistically diverse region and was historically split into hundreds of kingdoms. The fact that it was so divided is exactly what enabled the British to exercise control over the subcontinent. India gained independence in 1947 (more than 70 years ago and more than enough time to eliminate poverty if it had adopted an economically sound policy, unlike the failed form of socialism that was in place until the 1990's). Many other countries ( including many former colonies) who were as poor as India in 1945 are now rich and powerful. For example, Germany and Japan were utterly destroyed by world war 2 and there was almost nothing left in either country in 1945. Both adopted capitalism and became wild successes.

    Japan was the second largest economy in the world after the U.S for much of the 20th century. Germany was 3rd or 4th. Malaysia, Singapore, the UAE, Qatar are all rich and successful today and have been independent for less time than India so it's wrong to blame the bad economic situation entirely on the British as other British colonies have undergone similar or worse situations and made a success of themselves despite colonization. The fact that India is still very poor is more a factor of poor economic policy from independence to the 1990's than non-existent postwar meddling by the west.

    Korea and India are poor examples of negative western meddling and you have neglected much better examples such as China, Vietnam, Iran or Afghanistan.

    Germany invaded and conquered almost all of Europe 75 years ago (similar timeframe to when Britain left India), devastated its cities and committed widespread genocide yet most of the countries which it severely damaged are successful today and the few that are not cannot blame Germany. The same can be said of some of the examples you have used with regards to the West. To continue to blame Germany is to bring up the eternal bogeyman, which distracts from the unsuccessful European country's own failings.
  10. Standard member vivify
    22 Jun '18 16:37 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by @whodey

    A picture taken of a girl crying that was put on the front cover of Time Magazine was not separated from her parents at the US border. In short, they were lying. Dozens of news outlets then grabbed the picture to post similar things about Trump.

    I almost feel li ...[text shortened]... our news sources mentioned that Obama had the same problem yet no one mentioned a word about it.
    Why do you focus on the handful of false news stories and ignore the reality that thousands of children ARE separated due to Trump? Will you also post pictures of children Roy Moore didn't molest?
  11. 22 Jun '18 16:58
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    The paper and ink have mass and are visible. So yes. It's real.
    And the message conveyed by the cover is accurate, correct ?
    America is cracking down on illegal immigration, correct.

    The little girl could be illegal, a victim of child smuggling or just not be separated from her parents.
    That depends on the due diligence of the media.

    But the facts are there.
    This administration has fumbled the ball on this. Badly !!

    I'm getting this not from the NY Times or CNN or Washington Post but rather from the actions of the administration.

    Trump flip flopping, Sessions quoting from the Bible, Melania rebelling, Lewandowski generally acting like an idiot and more.

    This administration is in disarray.

    Maybe I'll tune in to FOX Propaganda so I can hear what a great job Trump is doing.
  12. Subscriber Tom Wolsey
    Aficionado of Prawns
    16 Jun '18 01:43
    Ok. Once you have faith in Christ and become a believer. We are told by the usual suspects here that you evidently need to maintain your salvation by performing good deeds--else you will lose your salvation and roast over an open fire in hell. So, what's the number of good deeds required? 10,000? How many good deeds per day? Or does the doctrine compel you to ceaselessly perform good deeds, all day, everyday? (of course if that's true, we're all going down in flames since we spend so much time arguing in this forum)

    Please explain this doctrine of works and good deeds.

    A simple dodge, like "If you have to ask, you are not a follower of Christ and you will burn in hell."

    YOU are the one preaching this doctrine, so you should have an answer. YOUR salvation is at stake, according to you. What's the number? Are you allowed to take a break, which you obviously do to come here and bash the heads of people that disagree?
  13. 16 Jun '18 03:05
    The problem with the works sinning.

    If I do 10 good works, does 1 sin cancel them out?

    Or, am I supposed to be sin free?

    That's why the "formula" cannot be known, and the REAL answer is that we try our best to live good lives, and when we fall, we ask for forgiveness, as taught by Jesus in the Lord's Prayer.

    Jesus has saved us through grace. We cannot earn it.
  14. 16 Jun '18 03:11
    Originally posted by @tom-wolsey
    But we are told (eye roll) that true Christians never, EVER sin. Not once. The person telling us that claims he is utterly and completely sinless. Spotless. Perfect.
    Then why did Jesus include asking God for forgiveness in the Lord's Prayer when we sin?

    Answer: because Jesus knew we would sin.
  15. Standard member KellyJay
    Walk your Faith
    16 Jun '18 03:26
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Then why did Jesus include asking God for forgiveness in the Lord's Prayer when we sin?

    Answer: because Jesus knew we would sin.
    Great Question! I wish I had thought of that!!!!