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  1. Standard memberkaroly aczel
    The Axe man
    11 Apr '09
    21 Oct '17 03:37
    Originally posted by @kquinn909
    When I joined the US navy many moons ago they forced me to stand. Up to 12 hrs. At attention. Suck it up pussies.
    It's bad enough you were treated as a robot, now you suggest that others should be treated in this way and that they should "suck it up" ?

    Heck man we aren't pussies and we aren't lazy. We're smart enough to realize we dont have to put ourselves into the army to understand how counter-productive it is.
  2. SubscriberWajoma
    Die Cheeseburger
    01 Sep '04
    21 Oct '17 04:25
    Originally posted by @karoly-aczel
    Just 'Lefties' want this?

    C'mon mate. You swallowed the lie whole.
    Not just lefties, anyone that favors high tax, high regulation, large scale goobermint intervention in the free market (whether a plumber fixing your crapper, or buying a cigar, or a supermarket chain).

    Hang on, 😲 that is lefties 😲
  3. Standard membershavixmir
    Guppy poo
    Sewers of Holland
    31 Jan '04
    21 Oct '17 08:12
    Originally posted by @eladar

    I am not sure how anyone is forced to stand. The players can quit the NFL.

    How would players be forced to stand when they can just quit and get a different job?
    Or just keep the same job and not stand.

    Don’t get yer knickers in such a twist.
    It’s only nationalism and it’s not even getting mooned.
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