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  1. 11 Apr '14 11:08 / 1 edit
    Who is Alvin Holmes? He is a democrat state representative in Alabama who has served since 1974. He recently made a comment during talks about abortion that whites would favor abortion if they knew that their daughter had been impregnated by a black man. He even offered $100,000 to any whites that could prove him wrong.

    So what happened? You guessed it, a large group of whites showed up at the state house to prove him wrong, white families who have actually adopted biracial children.

    Of course, no one expects this bigoted racial throw back to pay these families $100,000, because we all know our political leaders cannot be expected to be held to any standard when it comes to telling the truth. However, what is more troubling to me is that there is a double standard when it comes to bigoted racial views politically. We all know that if the tables were reversed and a white man said this about blacks, it would make national headline news and his career would be over. But as it stands now, I bet Alvin will be at his post for another 30 years because being a black racist is PC. Obama and his goons will see to it.