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    24 May '18 12:19
    ...will get you jailed. Is this really what liberals want in the U S?
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    24 May '18 14:55
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    ...will get you jailed. Is this really what liberals want in the U S?
    No, here they just shout you down and black ball your name so that no one will hire you.

    We do have a Constitution, after all.
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    31 Jan '04
    24 May '18 17:59
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople
    ...will get you jailed. Is this really what liberals want in the U S?
    Whooooooo hold yer horses there boy.
    Let's see what a non-jihadwatch site says about the matter (very hard to find in English, because the first 2 pages of google are jihadwatch on this matter or use them as a source). But I found one:

    A 79-year old senior citizen has been sentenced for inciting racist hatred after having scribbled "F Islam" and "F Allah" in public places on several occasions, the local Swedish daily newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reported.

    The man acknowledged the charges, admitting having scrawled "racist" messages in a shopping mall's restroom and a bus shelter.
    During the trial, the man claimed to have been robbed by a gang of Arabs four years ago, a crime that was never solved. By his own admission, this incident soured his outlook on Islam and its proponents and write slurs in public places.

    The district court, however, refused to regard the robbery as a provocation, as it had taken place several years earlier. Therefore, the man was slapped with a conditional sentence and 40 daily fines of SEK 100 — about $12.13 per day. If legal fees are taken into account, his guilty pleasure will have cost him SEK 12,300 ($1,500).

    The old bugger was whipping up racial and religious hatred by graffiti. Kudos to him for being so hippity hop. Not many people his age can shake the can properly anymore.

    The man admitted so much.

    No two years in jail. And he was fined 1.500 dollars for his heinous crimes.

    I pretty much think that sort of sentencing gives you right-wing nutters erectile problems.
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    09 Jun '07
    24 May '18 20:25
    Originally posted by @mott-the-hoople ...
    Not as wacky as some of your sources but ...

    Investment Watch Blog does publish real news, however they also
    publish conspiracy news and some scientifically questionable articles.
    This source is not that bad, but a fact check is advised when reading
    their information. This source tends to have a right wing bias

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