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Deep buried water lake found on Mars!926 Jul '18 11:13sonhousesonhouse
Europe's VLT in Chile now better than Hubble:125 Jul '18 08:56sonhousesonhouse
Most moon rocks brought back not touched:424 Jul '18 14:58sonhousesonhouse
100 qubit comps would change everything:1123 Jul '18 23:24sonhousesonhouse
Is there such thing as an infinitely large circ...9222 Jul '18 20:30humyDeepThought
Partial rejuvenation by repairing mutated mitoc...122 Jul '18 10:07humyhumy
Breakthrough in electron microscopy:121 Jul '18 20:05sonhousesonhouse
2018 International Mathematical Olympiad8521 Jul '18 18:02Duchess64sonhouse
Word of the day: Ptychography120 Jul '18 18:37sonhousesonhouse
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Anti-Vaccination and American Populism118 Jul '18 21:35Duchess64Duchess64
Highly reconfigurable robot:118 Jul '18 15:18sonhousesonhouse
CRISPR may cause many mutations:318 Jul '18 01:18sonhousesonhouse
Qubit record, 18 using only 6 photons!317 Jul '18 00:14sonhousesonhouse
If Jupiter was the moon...2216 Jul '18 12:20divegeestersonhouse
H2 from H20 4X more efficient now:116 Jul '18 12:15sonhousesonhouse
How many Earths in the Milky Way?1314 Jul '18 06:43sonhousesonhouse
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Science, Capitalism, Fraud, and Gullibility5013 Jul '18 06:35Duchess64apathist
Spiders fly on electricity612 Jul '18 20:32vivifyapathist
Regenerating Body Parts711 Jul '18 18:51Duchess64wildgrass