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Stanine, PR and SAS scores601 Jul '18 14:47Rank outsidersonhouse
computing breakthrough: exponentially faster128 Jun '18 17:27sonhousesonhouse
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Native Americans1225 Jun '18 11:08RBHILLsonhouse
Using AI in image forensics125 Jun '18 11:02sonhousesonhouse
gravitons12023 Jun '18 18:30ogbsonhouse
Canadian Lynx's yelling at each other, rare!:2020 Jun '18 02:05sonhousesonhouse
Extracting drinking water from dry air3319 Jun '18 07:30humysonhouse
This seed can make clean water:115 Jun '18 21:22sonhousesonhouse
semi-structured play with blocks builds brains:113 Jun '18 18:57sonhousesonhouse
Gobekli Tepe910 Jun '18 01:39FreakyKBHsonhouse
Antarctica looking like a kidney!109 Jun '18 20:59sonhousesonhouse
Next gen water from low humidity air:109 Jun '18 14:02sonhousesonhouse
1.23 Seconds3309 Jun '18 04:03FreakyKBHsonhouse
Water is weirder than we thought:3709 Jun '18 03:46sonhousesonhouse
Chinese Science Rising608 Jun '18 22:42Duchess64sonhouse
Ultra-thin insulators for shrinking nano-electr...207 Jun '18 16:12humysonhouse
Quantum stopwatch for quantum memory:105 Jun '18 19:13sonhousesonhouse
Atomic batteries using Nickel-63605 Jun '18 15:38sonhousesonhouse
Efficient rocket booster that eats itself!:104 Jun '18 04:05sonhousesonhouse
Pop (or Ma) Quiz1303 Jun '18 17:48FreakyKBHFreakyKBH
Chinese increase rice by 25%:503 Jun '18 16:03sonhousesonhouse
Cheap organic solar cells203 Jun '18 14:45humysonhouse
Quantum drum vibrates, still, at the same time.1001 Jun '18 05:59sonhouseDeepThought
Humans have destroyed over 80% of mammals:1831 May '18 22:14sonhouseapathist
MIT's Walter Lewin, about physics of color:130 May '18 22:24sonhousesonhouse
Graphene for spintronics230 May '18 09:25humyapathist