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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

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Double-check rating on Banded Tournaments1920 Jan '17 13:19SuzianneSuzianne
Dev Update1617 Jan '17 10:11RussRuss
Moving adds that distract from my chess games a...413 Jan '17 21:54Sidd Viciousmoonbus
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Green light502 Dec '16 21:31vendavenda
What happened to the clan leagues?624 Nov '16 17:39wsossinBenjamin Barker
Game Explorer224 Nov '16 12:58venciPonderable
no title123 Nov '16 14:09BongalloJoeBongalloJoe
keep track of draw offers520 Nov '16 19:55PonderableDiapason
automatic draw1419 Nov '16 17:11robbie carrobieBigDoggProblem
Insults Forum617 Nov '16 07:11padgerpadger
Larger pictures316 Nov '16 08:32KellyJayKellyJay
Jokes and fun stuff406 Nov '16 03:37BoardReaderFMF
Numbered posts130 Oct '16 19:17vivifyvivify
Message all current opponents218 Oct '16 22:41vendaKewpie
Blanket messages218 Oct '16 09:17FlyingWolfPonderable
Clan page115 Oct '16 07:53padgerpadger
Data table for profile rating trend graph712 Oct '16 09:06gedwinPonderable
Anonymous thumbs - revisited807 Oct '16 06:05divegeesterdivegeester
Possibility to send ONE reminder in a welcome g...105 Oct '16 08:29PonderablePonderable
In-forum pictures302 Oct '16 21:02divegeesterdivegeester
no title1024 Sep '16 21:55padgerSuzianne
Free Lifetime Membership to Masters to Create M...422 Sep '16 06:55ItalianMachinepadger
Change the code for winking emoticons810 Sep '16 16:26vivifyLEUR