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Debates Forum

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Flynn never lied?1614 Feb '18 05:03whodeyKingDavid403
Where do we draw the line?2713 Feb '18 21:10whodeymchill
The racist coin...4013 Feb '18 15:02Mott The HoopleJS357
Another alt-right thread about bollocks4113 Feb '18 13:52shavixmirshavixmir
Both sides now2013 Feb '18 03:09mchillkmax87
Democrats: Get your act together!3212 Feb '18 23:46mchillstevemcc
Govt run healthcare4212 Feb '18 22:34Mott The Hoopledivegeester
People are leaving San Fran912 Feb '18 22:09whodeyJS357
Politician you might not have heard of112 Feb '18 15:57ZahlanziZahlanzi
Trump Taking Credit312 Feb '18 14:32kmax87Mott The Hoople
Priestap...brennan212 Feb '18 13:36Mott The Hoopleno1marauder
He only punched me once1712 Feb '18 10:41ZahlanziShallow Blue
Release the Memo (the Dem one)1812 Feb '18 10:27no1marauderShallow Blue
Military parade3612 Feb '18 07:57whodeykmax87
History is Not a Stereotypical Cartoon12411 Feb '18 22:39Duchess64HandyAndy
Peoplekind12911 Feb '18 18:26whodeyHandyAndy
HRC revivited2011 Feb '18 15:38Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
"Their was no Collusion."2111 Feb '18 14:58KazetNagorrashavixmir
Nature sustainability1711 Feb '18 13:41whodeywhodey
San Francisco to open safe injection sites6311 Feb '18 00:52sh76wolfgang59
Nancy Pelosi makes my head explode610 Feb '18 17:10whodeyshavixmir
America's war on education11610 Feb '18 14:48mchillno1marauder
Does our destiny choose us?110 Feb '18 03:32mchillmchill
unemployment at 44 yr low1309 Feb '18 20:27Mott The HoopleAThousandYoung
Schiff Russia collusion2209 Feb '18 17:57Mott The Hooplemghrn55
Even more russia collusion509 Feb '18 17:17Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
FBI agent Carter Page?1009 Feb '18 11:40Mott The Hoopleshavixmir
Hard worker709 Feb '18 11:30Mott The Hoopleshavixmir
Get ready for more "Deep State" Maina1609 Feb '18 03:47mchillkquinn909
Rights, Virtues, and Development7109 Feb '18 02:42PhilokaliaPhilokalia