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Debates Forum

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Zionist Terrorism in the UK1222 May '18 21:52Duchess64mchill
Brazil's prison without guards222 May '18 19:14vivifywhodey
Hypothetical3722 May '18 18:54whodeywolfgang59
Ban those doors!722 May '18 12:32divegeestervivify
Nikki Haley8622 May '18 02:37wolfgang59Duchess64
"Cracker" vs the "n" word14621 May '18 22:38uzlessuzless
Flight 370 was a terrorist attack5821 May '18 22:33whodeyuzless
Forever Eyeless in Gaza or Not?1621 May '18 22:17Duchess64no1marauder
Article: The Next Israeli Prime Minister’s Firs...3621 May '18 22:07sh76Duchess64
Letter to my boss1021 May '18 19:40whodeywhodey
Death in Gaza: A 14 Year Old Girl Becomes a Mar...1621 May '18 13:51Duchess64Mott The Hoople
Out of the Mouths of Babes1819 May '18 19:58Duchess64Duchess64
Democrats now support...1119 May '18 11:35Mott The Hooplewolfgang59
Fox News Pays $10 Million for discrimination2018 May '18 09:51vivifyDuchess64
Player says can't get noticed since she's black2918 May '18 08:04uzlessZahlanzi
American Nativist Hypocrisy2318 May '18 02:06Duchess64Duchess64
Ethics committee or death panel?5218 May '18 00:03whodeyno1marauder
Is Trump about to bring peace...13717 May '18 20:45Mott The HoopleDuchess64
Everything he does is crooked...417 May '18 18:53Mott The HoopleKazetNagorra
This is far better than politics117 May '18 17:39mchillmchill
palestinian martyrs ...717 May '18 02:21Mott The HoopleDuchess64
meuller caught!1516 May '18 18:50Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
Fact checking: 70% of Trump’s claims false2816 May '18 17:32shavixmirDuchess64
Social Credit Systems in China1516 May '18 04:26LundosDuchess64
meuller/russia collusion...2516 May '18 02:49Mott The HoopleDuchess64
Mueller probe 1 year old2815 May '18 10:50mchillno1marauder
big blow to dims...1414 May '18 19:44Mott The Hooplesonhouse
Mike Cohen sells protection for The Don1714 May '18 14:36kmax87no1marauder
carter page was a dem plant...2314 May '18 11:38Mott The Hooplewhodey
is the hammer about to drop?813 May '18 22:56Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople