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Kate Steinle case2306 Dec '17 22:12whodeyno1marauder
Why pressure Conyers to step down and not Frank...506 Dec '17 21:12whodeyvivify
Tax Reform over, Donald must go!2106 Dec '17 20:06kmax87whodey
Transcript from Trump's WSJ Interview1305 Dec '17 21:54vivifymoonbus
SCOTUS lets Trump's Muslim ban take effect405 Dec '17 20:51vivifydivegeester
The Democrats are rightfully pissed off8105 Dec '17 03:14SuzianneDuchess64
Judge orders Teavana to stay open?1004 Dec '17 23:59whodeyno1marauder
President Trump Asks for Special Treatment3004 Dec '17 21:40Duchess64Duchess64
ABC's Brian Ross busted for lying204 Dec '17 17:10whodeyKazetNagorra
Britain First11304 Dec '17 11:15wolfgang59Shallow Blue
Flynn to plead guilty to lying about Russia1403 Dec '17 10:20mchillKazetNagorra
Trump’s Tweets1701 Dec '17 20:55divegeesterwolfgang59
JFK Truth is out there29201 Dec '17 06:05finnegankmax87
Sexpool2801 Dec '17 04:29whodeywhodey
Another Man in the Public Eye Loses Job over Se...401 Dec '17 01:32Duchess64Duchess64
Wesley Goodman resigns from Congress2530 Nov '17 14:27whodeywhodey
What to do about NK nukes?1930 Nov '17 12:50JS357vivify
How Americans Remember or Prefer Not to Remembe...4629 Nov '17 21:03Duchess64Ashiitaka
Congressman Conyers needs to step down1729 Nov '17 19:04whodeywhodey
Another Dim Congressinoal rated out.129 Nov '17 18:55whodeywhodey
Net Neutrality1229 Nov '17 14:59Great King Ratsonhouse
Let the ethics committee decide129 Nov '17 13:22JS357JS357
Dims tried to warn us!529 Nov '17 11:29whodeyGreat King Rat
Al Green429 Nov '17 05:26whodeySuzianne
What % of Talent or Work Ethic = Success??8828 Nov '17 19:07mchillDuchess64
Reasons why sexual assault victims don't step f...628 Nov '17 12:52Zahlanzisonhouse
Denzel Washington is an Uncle Tom1727 Nov '17 22:34whodeyDuchess64
Prince charming or pervert?627 Nov '17 16:16shavixmirkmax87
LinkedIn827 Nov '17 14:32divegeestersh76
Sophia2327 Nov '17 08:11whodeySuzianne