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Debates Forum

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Feminism Facts515 Aug '18 13:13Sleepyguymchill
Funny?515 Aug '18 08:48wolfgang59divegeester
Thatcherism415 Aug '18 05:45wolfgang59wolfgang59
Nationalism in Sport2914 Aug '18 16:02Duchess64AThousandYoung
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Feinstein and Chinese collusion?1914 Aug '18 14:37whodeyMott The Hoople
Philidelphia terminated ICE contract?1114 Aug '18 01:30whodeyno1marauder
Willie Dille: A Victim of Whom?4513 Aug '18 23:07Duchess64whodey
Jeff Bezos413 Aug '18 21:25Metal Brainsonhouse
Trumps 24 hours313 Aug '18 17:44mchillmghrn55
clinton foundation investigation re-opened1313 Aug '18 11:52Mott The HoopleMott The Hoople
black woman...2912 Aug '18 17:52Mott The Hooplesonhouse
Time to leave Oak Island alone612 Aug '18 16:33mchillwhodey
The spirit of Anne Frank lives on2711 Aug '18 11:41mchillPhilokalia
"Trump's tactic to attack black people and wome...411 Aug '18 00:49Duchess64gumbie
Another GOP lawmaker goes down410 Aug '18 22:56mchillwolfgang59
Is Pence as stupid and phony as Trump?610 Aug '18 14:55KingDavid403KazetNagorra
The midterm US elections... help?1010 Aug '18 13:25shavixmirno1marauder
Steven Seagal: Russia's special envoy to the U....1010 Aug '18 11:23Metal Brainkmax87
Meet Richard Spencer310 Aug '18 01:21whodeyDuchess64
No collusion?12009 Aug '18 23:19HandyAndyDuchess64
mueller the snake...2109 Aug '18 20:28Mott The HoopleKazetNagorra
"The ‘Paris harasser’ video shows why women fea...4909 Aug '18 20:25Duchess64Duchess64
Once a coward, always a coward1009 Aug '18 20:04mchillDuchess64
" Socialist bookshop inundated with support aft...7309 Aug '18 20:01Duchess64Duchess64
Kids being trained to be school shooters1309 Aug '18 17:05whodeyshavixmir
digital communication...309 Aug '18 15:47Mott The HoopleHandyAndy
Alex Jones is a despicable human being4309 Aug '18 11:54ZahlanziZahlanzi
A plague of rednecks36809 Aug '18 07:47shavixmirshavixmir
Is this racist?2709 Aug '18 05:16Mott The Hooplewolfgang59