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    Die Cheeseburger
    01 Sep '04
    29 May '15 05:44
    Originally posted by Eladar
    Taking money to give to other people is not the same thing as paying for things like roads, police and teachers.

    Remember, we are talking about liberal social nets here, not basic government function. Only a person who is totally screwed up in the head can't make the distinction.
    Notice how they try to take it away all sneaky like (paye, import duties etc), but make a big noise when they are splashing it around.
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    02 Jan '06
    29 May '15 10:432 edits
    Originally posted by Zahlanzi
    what liberties have you lost?

    As collectivists further centralize power my representation becomes diluted. In addition, I have no interest in voting for a preselected dictator. That is not how the government was designed.

    Since Obama came to power, the freedom of the press in the US has dropped about 20 points to around 46th in the world, right behind Haiti.

    Snowden showed us just how free we really are. We are free to try and flee a government that seizes all our personal information 24/7 without a warrant, with the hope that it never is used against us. This is a clear violation of the Constitution.

    The government passes about 40,000 new laws and regulations a year. I could go through each one but I actually have a life to lead. With more laws come less freedom. I recognize that some laws are needed, but because they limit our freedom they should be passes with great trepidation, verses passing them like you are passing gas everyday.

    The idea is, or was, limited government to enhance personal freedom. Now the idea is laughed at.
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