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  1. Seongnam, S. Korea
    03 Jun '17
    01 Apr '18 04:54
    Originally posted by @wolfgang59
    Yes. Deeply so.
    And disturbingly so.
    So then tell me what you think freedom means. I am all ears.
  2. Standard memberwolfgang59
    Mr. Wolf
    at home
    09 Jun '07
    01 Apr '18 07:36
    Originally posted by @philokalia
    So then tell me what you think freedom means. I am all ears.
    No you are not.
    You are all mouth.
  3. Standard membervivify
    08 Mar '11
    01 Apr '18 11:591 edit
    Originally posted by @philokalia
    I do not think that is accurate.

    I think she would gladly have a debate on the topic with anyone.

    I think she was very cleverly pointing out a major problem: too many people are overly emotional and this is a threat to our democracy if we can no longer have rational discussions. The provocation would have proved exactly that.

    It is a great way of pointing out the level of the problem that faces the UK.
    How is offending people just to see what will happen having a "rational discussion"?

    That's BS, and you know it. Richard Dawkins is famous for his books and debates on religion, and he's from the UK. Has he been banned? No, because he's not going around deliberately offending people. You can be anti-religion without being a piece of garbage.

    If I start a thread saying "Jesus is a gay and trans" wouldn't that be trolling? You're full of crap and you know it. There's a responsible and adult way to engage in conversation, and the reason you don't have a problem with it is because Muslims were the victims.

    You constantly post white supremacist rhetoric about keeping "Europe European", and rail against "multiculturalism". You don't care about free speech. You posted this because you're upset the UK isn't letting bigotry reign.

    Your views and opinions are abhorrent.
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